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Tunneling Services

Tunneling Services in Palm Beach County, Florida

Fixing Hard-to-Reach Pipes

When your pipes are damaged, leaking, or clogged, accessing them is often the most difficult challenge of the repair process. The damaged pipe may be located underneath your home or commercial property, making it seem impossible to reach without damaging your home. With our professional tunneling services, however, we can reach even the most troublesome pipes and quickly perform the repairs you need.

Preserving Your Floors

Because we create tunnels under the slab of your building, you don’t have to worry about our technicians cutting through your floors to reach the leak, clog, or other problem. With our tunneling services, you won’t have to worry about costly reconstruction, carpeting, and other floor repairs. Instead, you can rest easy with reliably repaired pipes and undisturbed floors.

Hassle-Free Repairs

Because we won’t need to cut through your floors to reach any damaged pipes, we also won’t be disturbing your daily routine. With our tunneling services, you can continue to occupy and use your home or office normally, without having to worry about inconvenient repairs.
At The Plumbing Experts Inc., our expert plumbers have the equipment and skills to tunnel under your property and perform the repairs you need while maintaining the strength of your property. Whatever your plumbing needs, we will complete the repairs you need correctly the first time around.

Call Your Trusted Plumbers

If you have noticed unexplainable wet spots on your carpet or you hear gurgling noises even when the water is off, you may have a problem in the plumbing beneath your home. Call our office today to schedule your service appointment. Our technicians will use expert equipment to successfully diagnose and repair the problem.